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For as long as I can remember, there has been a stigma around mental health. So many people throughout the world live with a mental illness but feel as if they can't talk about due to fear of the negative labels associated with it. I was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety when I was 20 years old. I have received help from psychologists and psychiatrists and over time I have learned how to adjust to and manage my own mental health. For years I tried to hide the fact I was depressed by pretending I was ok when I wasn't. As I got older I realised that it is okay to not be okay. After beginning my yoga practice last year, I found that my mental health improved immensely. Not only was able to learn how to calm myself, but I increased my self-esteem and became a part of a brilliant community. I want to help others find the same passion and peace that I found from my yoga practice. I am fundraising for the One-O-Eight challenge to help raise money for mental health awareness, addiction recovery, and to help more people engage with the yoga community here in Edinburgh. If you can, please donate to this wonderful cause.

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