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What am I doing? 108 sun salutations. I figured if I survived a run around Arthur's Seat (who knew it would be really hilly?) and a hike up two mountains in a hot Spanish valley (who knew that would be tough?) then I can manage this. I'm fortunate enough to be able to afford yoga classes and to go to yoga retreats so I'll be donating my time and money to salute the sun and give something back to my local yoga community. 

Just a small donation can help me raise £108 for Edinburgh Community Yoga who run wonderful projects in the city. There will be 108 yogis doing 108 sun salutations on Saturday 27th October at the Hub in Edinburgh.

Why 108 sun salutations? It is a sacred number in many disciplines from astronomy to yoga. It appears in ancient texts, numerology, Ayurveda and so on. And all that aside, it's a pretty intense physical challenge. 

Below are some of the programmes you will be helping Edinburgh Community Yoga carry out:

* Work with local military veterans with PTSD and develop new veteran programmes and retreats in the city.

* Work in prisons and secure mental health settings.

* Work with Ourmala, an organisation who support refugees and minority women in Edinburgh, not only through yoga but by offering English classes, hot lunches, access to critical services, education and very importantly refunding the cost of travel to allow women to attend.

* Work with people in addiction recovery with a women's yoga programme with Womenzone at Comas offering weekly classes and a retreat for women affected by trauma, giving them an opportunity to relax and come to terms with their experience.

* Help them start a scholarship programme that offers outreach students the opportunity to apply to receive mentorship and scholarship to engage with yoga in other studios and in teacher training.

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